Hybrid Social Solutions: Innovation in Distributing Solar

by Liza Farr

In the past two years, Jim Ayala, Founder and CEO of Hybrid Social Solutions (HSS), has come to the forefront of entrepreneurs in solar technology. His company is a social business, with the mission to “Develop practical applications for existing technologies by understanding localized conditions and co-developing new product lines with customers” (World Economic Forum). Specifically, HSS works in the Philippines to provide solar-powered electricity access for the many remote, impoverished villages, 25% of which do not currently have access (World Economic Forum. Ayala gathered a solar energy network to do the negotiating with solar supplies to tailor products to local needs. The company’s work has increased household cash flow by 25%, and improved health and safety conditions by eliminating kerosene fumes, fires, and accidental ingestion (World Economic Forum). Children are able to study 45% longer, and 97% feel safer (Energyboardroom, Jan 30, 2014). Using solar to power off-grid communities is not new, but HSS’s personalized method of distribution and technology will change the way solar energy is pursued in developing nations. Continue reading