UPS Delivers More While Using Less : It’s a Rolling Laboratory

by Tashi Mitra

UPS, the global leader in express parcel delivery companies, is faced with the challenge of delivering millions of parcels all over the world, everyday, while trying to consume less energy. How does UPS meet this challenge?

UPS achieves this by focusing on:

  1. Alternative fuels and advanced technologies
  2. Fuel supply
  3. Fleet – both ground and air

UPS has created a Rolling Laboratory, which has implemented this program in nine countries, across 5088 vehicles and saved usage of 60 million gallons of conventional fuel since 2000. The Rolling Laboratory has traveled 505 million miles since 2000 and plans to travel 1 billion miles by 2017. Alternative fuels of CNG, Hybrid – Electric and hydraulic are used in suburban operating situations (range   100 miles average), Electric and ethanol are used in City Centers (range less than 60 miles), Propane is used for rural vehicles (range 100 + miles) and LNG/CNG/Biomethane used for long hauls (range 400 – 600 miles average). Continue reading