Solazyme Seeks Solutions

by Alexander Flores

Solazyme, an up and coming company from south San Francisco is pursuing a vision to improve our planet and human life by producing sustainable, high-performance oils and ingredients derived from the microalgae that accumulates in countless places. Solazyme is attacking some of today’s biggest issues such as sustainability, resource scarcity, and resource traceability by identifying oil profiles that can improve both performance and longevity of products. These oil profiles are then produced with microalgae, providing alternatives to petroleum, vegetable oils, and animal fats. Solazyme’s products may be useful in personal care, industrial usage, food, and fuel industries. Their main oil-producing microalgae strain was originally discovered over a century ago on the sap of a chestnut tree in Germany and was carefully selected after approximately over ten thousand screenings of other strains. Continue reading

Solazyme Agal Biofuel Production in the United States

by Mariah Valerie Barber

In early February 2014, in Galva, Iowa at the American Natural Products (ANP) facility and in Clinton, Iowa, at the Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), Solazyme, Inc., began its commercial production of algal biofuel and oil. Solazyme, a San Francisco based firm utilizes microalgae, which it refers to as “the world’s original oil producer,” in order to produce biofuel ( Solazyme creates oil from microalgae by a process of industrial fermentation, during which the microalgae is not fed with solar energy, but with sugar, which results in the production oil. Using industrial fermentation speeds up the natural chemical processes, which algae undergo. Once the microalgae produce the oil, the oil is extracted and made ready for commercial use. Even before the facilities in Iowa opened, Solazyme has had facilities in both Peoria and Orindiúva, Brazil. Peoria has the capacity to manufacture 2,000 metric tons of oil per year whereas the new facilities now are each able to produce 100,000 metric tons of oil per year (Clean Solayzme, which claims to be the first oil producer, has potential to drastically transform the oil industry and its reliance on fossil fuels. Continue reading