2016? Mexico’s year for Solar Energy?

by Tyler Hoyle

In 2014, Mexico approved promising energy reforms, which predicted a 9 billion dollar increase in investments in the electric power sector by 2019. Mexico was anticipated to lead the market growth in Latin America. Yet two years later, solar growth is slower than predicted. Mexico struggles to adjust to catch up with the country’s growing demand for power. On January 27th-28th, Greentech Media held a two-day long Solar Summit in Mexico City to analyze the risks and opportunities of Mexico’s future in the global Solar market. Greentech posted an article shortly after the Solar conference [https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/an-illustrated-guide-to-mexicos-solar-market] to try to explain Mexico’s solar market. Why has Mexico’s solar market growth declined? And what obstacles must Mexico overcome to fully reach its potential in the future? Continue reading