MIT Energy Initiative

by Dylan Goodman

The MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) has recently announced it will be giving away over $1.65 million in grants under its annual seed fund program. The money will go to support early-stage energy related projects on campus. Over the past 8 years MITEI Seed Funding has provided over $17 million dollars to 140 different energy related research projects spanning across MIT’s five schools. For 2015, there will be 11 companies each receiving $150,000 in seed funding. (Abraham) There are more applicants than can receive funding, so projects are chosen by their potential to contribute to increased energy research. Projects can vary across a wide array of fields ranging from hydraulic fracturing to new battery technologies. Continue reading

LiquiGlide: A Non-Stick Solution to Waste

by Alex Elder

LiquiGlide, a company founded by a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed a new technology that enables sticky substances to flow easily across the surface of any container. This technology works by coating the container’s interior with a specialized lubricating liquid which then makes the surface permanently wet and slippery. This technology was initially marketed towards commercial uses such as glue and ketchup bottles as well as paint cans. Applying LiquiGlide’s technology to these sorts of containers would greatly reduce the amount of waste involved when remnants of these products are left over, unable to be used by the consumer due to their viscosity. Widespread implementation of this technology could have major environmental payoffs by reducing waste. In a few years, LiquiGlide expects this technology to be ubiquitous. Continue reading