Enhancing Landfill Gas Recovery

by Hilary Haskell

Post-closure, landfills require after-care and remediation. As waste decomposes in anaerobic landfill environments, methane emissions are released as a component of landfill gases. Landfill gases can be recovered through combined heat and power generation, district heating coupled with asphalt production, or incorporation of landfill gas into biomethane. Each method has a different collection and utilization efficiency. Niskanen et al. (2013) studied Kymenlaakso Jate Oy landfill in Finland, and found that the combined heat and power recovery scenario has the highest landfill gas utilization efficiency, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 8,000 tCO2−eq/year. Landfill gas recovery serves as an economical landfill remediation option that decreases pollution of the surrounding environment. Continue reading