Used Electric Vehicle Batteries for Home Energy Storage?

by Emil Morhardt

Why would you want to store electricity generated at home when you have a perfectly good connection to the grid and the power company buys back all the electricity your solar panels generate at the cost you pay for electricity? You wouldn’t. But what if the power company started paying much less for the electricity you are shipping back than you could have purchased it from them—as they have been doing recently in Australia (Muenzel et al. 2014)—or decided to charge so much for transmission of electricity back to the grid that there was little point in selling it to them in the first place (as it appears they are contemplating doing in California from the radio spots I hear recently.) Now you might want a battery large enough to prevent any of the electricity you generate getting back to the grid, and ideally meeting all of your routine electricity demands. A cost-effective solution might be about to arrive just in time to offset these likely policy changes; used electric vehicle batteries. Continue reading