The Jagpod: A Solar Powered Shipping Container Home

by Dion Boyd

An interesting article on the Clean Technica website posted by Jake Richardson on March 15th, discusses the Jagpod, the World’s first energy-efficient tiny home that uses recycled shipping containers and solar panels to provide affordable and sustainable housing. [–2#/] The Jagpod was created by founder of Jaguar Containers, William Coit, who after spending three months in West Ghana realized that many villages do not have sustainable housing. As of now, the Jagpod comes in two standard types, a 20 ft. and a 40 ft. unit. The 20 ft. unit has 144 square feet of living space and starts at a price around $30,000 whereas the 40 ft. unit has 300 square feet and starts at about $60,000. Because of smaller size, the 20-foot pods are much easier to transport but the larger unit satisfies the needs of people who would prefer more space over ease of transportation. William Coit was not the first person to create a home out of a shipping container, but what he is a front runner for is providing energy for these homes through solar power. Each type of container includes 2 to 4 235 Watt solar panels with a 27-volt battery tank to diminish the unpredictability of off the grid energy. Continue reading