Free Money: How Investing in Energy Can Save

by Jackson Cooney

A small organization called the Sustainable Endowments Institute (S.E.I) provides colleges and universities with help on the retrofitting issue. They set up “Green Revolution Funds”, to encourage universities to save capital to invest in green projects. They also provide a software that enables institutions to track savings from these projects. The S.E.I has brought together $110 million to the G.R.F that can be used for green projects. Dension University and the University of New Hampshire are active partners in the S.I.E’s billion-dollar Green Challenge, an initiative introduced in 2011 to build momentum for the G.R.F. The University of New Hampshire started with $600,000 in the fund and now has $1.3 million. As this example shows, investing in the G.R.F and using the money for energy efficiency can have significant effects on savings. Investing in energy efficiency is not only monetarily beneficial but will also lead to healthier environmental conditions. Continue reading