Fish Behavior near Tidal Energy Turbines

by Cassandra Burgess

Any man-made structure in a marine environment has the potential to impact the organisms living there. Previous research has shown that fish actively avoid trawlers and boats, and that abandoned oil platforms often become a place for fish to congregate. It has yet to be determined how fish will react to the presence of tidal energy generators. This may be an important design consideration. Vietnam and Zydlewski (2014) conducted research on fish behavior at a turbine in Cobscook Bay, Maine. This bay is known for high biodiversity, and provided the chance to study a range of fish species. The study found that over 50 percent of the fish they monitored in the area interacted with the turbine in some way, and that 34.8 percent were observed to enter or exit the turbine during the 22 hours study. They also found large fish (greater than 10 cm in length) were more likely to avoid the turbine at night than small fish. At night small fish had only a 0.002 probability of avoiding the turbine, while large fish had a probability of 0.109 of doing so. Continue reading