GIBSS: An Indian startup works towards zero net-energy building

by Tashi Mitra

India is currently one of the world’s fastest growing large economies. Low global oil prices are one of the key factors driving India’s consumption-led growth (“Who’s afraid of cheap oil,” The Economist, Jan 23 2016). In the euphoria of low oil prices and growth, it is easy to forget about issues like clean energy, energy efficiency, and overall sustainability. Fortunately, a few startups driven by young, ambitious and socially aware entrepreneurs are not letting this happen.

An article in the Business Standard, published in September 2015, discusses two such entrepreneurs, Arun Shenoy and Mandar Kaprekar, who founded Green India Building Systems and Services (GIBSS). GIBSS, which started from the living room of an apartment in 2010, is now a major innovator in the energy-efficient building space, predicted to reach an annual revenue of 88 million dollars in the next three years. Continue reading