Is Gaming the Future of Saving Energy?

by Abigail Wang

It’s common knowledge that a big problem in environmental issues is the need for people to undertake individual, personal energy-saving initiatives. Scientists and environmental activists trying to push people to care more about personal energy decisions may have found an answer to their struggle in gaming. By making mundane things fun, people might be more open to cutting down energy usage. A few companies have already developed games for both companies and individuals to implement better energy actions. Energy Chickens, created by a group of researches and developers at Pennsylvania State University, is one of the latest apps on the market. The game assigns a chicken to each household appliance and the user is responsible for keeping the chickens healthy by maintaining low energy consumption. Healthy chickens grow and lay eggs, which can be exchanged for market items to customize your chickens. If a user increases his or her energy consumption with particular appliances, the chickens associated with those products will grow sick and not lay eggs. Continue reading