Tesla’s New Battery Factory in Nevada: How it Came About

by Emil Morhardt

An extremely interesting article by Peter Elkind in the current issue of Fortune magazine looks at the evolution of the siting decision for the largest lithium battery factory in the world; by 2020 it will equal the world’s current production. This is particularly interesting to me because I’ve been following one side of the location decision on the University of Nevada Reno NPR station, which I get in Bishop, California, and because I bought a lithium-battery gas-hybrid car over the weekend (not, I’m sorry to report, a Tesla—the least expensive version of Tesla’s Model S all-electric sedan costs $71,000, well above my vehicle price tolerance), and I could clearly see that a plug-in hybrid would be preferable if the batteries cost less and I thought they would be reliable. Same for the Tesla cars for which the batteries constitute at least a quarter of the cost according to the Inside EVs website.  Continue reading