Growing Energy: an Analysis of the Role Forests Play in Europe’s Renewable Energy

by Griffin Merians

Picture yourself walking through a forest, surrounded by green foliage, the gentle creak of swaying trees, and… energy? Forest and biomass energy are key sources of renewable energy, however, according to an article published in the journal, BioResources, not all nations are equally blessed in this regard. The study used a cluster analysis approach to divide 27 countries into 9 “clusters” based on factors such as forest cover, annual wood production, the amount of energy consumed, greenhouse gas emissions, energy dependence, and expenditure on research and development. Continue reading

The Importance of Wood as a Renewable Energy Resource

by Shannon O’Neill

The importance of wood as a renewable energy resource has often been solely associated with developing countries. However, Aguilar (2015) stresses the importance of wood in developed nation’s energy markets, specifically in the growing trend of mandated transitions to more renewable energy resources. In the United States alone, wood energy provides 25 percent of renewable energy consumption, which is greater than both wind and solar energy. As wood energy is often overlooked, he highlights the importance of recognizing this valuable and complex resource. Continue reading