The New European Energy Union Faces Some Critiques

by Nour Bundogji

The World Nuclear News recently discussed The European Commission’s intention to begin a new European Energy Union. This initiative will help “reform how Europe (EU) produces, transports, and consumes energy.”

The meeting took place on February 4, 2015 in Riga, Latvia where The European Commission outlined the intention and goals of this initiative. It’s primary aims are: “diversifying energy sources currently available to Member States, helping European countries become less dependent on energy imports, making the EU number one in renewable energy in the world, and leading the fight against global warming.” With these aims, the European Commission listed five goals for the European Energy Union, which are:

1) ensuring security of supply

2) building a single internal energy market

3) raising energy efficiency

4) decarbonizing national economies, and

5) promoting research and innovation. Continue reading