EPA’s New Energy Star Home Advisor

by Dylan Goodman

In December, 2014 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched its new Energy Star Home Advisor, an online tool dedicated to improving energy efficiency for American homeowners. The release came as a part of the EPA’s Energy Efficiency Action Week, a weeklong event in which regional EPA offices hosted events dedicated to increasing awareness about energy use and potential energy efficient upgrades. The entire initiative is designed specifically for homeowners and encourages a do-it-yourself approach to upgrading your home. According to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy, “As we enter the winter months, homeowners can use our new Energy Star Home Advisor to increase energy efficiency and save money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions that fuel climate change.” Their new website, https://www.energystar.gov, allows users to create a custom home energy profile which in turn provides customized feedback to the user. Based on your home’s unique profile, the Energy Star tool recommends prioritized projects to best increase your in-home energy efficiency. Continue reading