Court Case in Desoto Parish

by Nelson Cole

It was recently discovered my grandfather signed to join in a lawsuit just before he passed away. The lawsuit is a dispute regarding who owns the mineral rights (i.e. the oil & gas) under the 300 acres: the Whorton Family (and others) or an oil exploration company who leased the mineral rights in 1982.

At the trial court, the Whorton Family won. In the attached appellate decision, the court of appeals reversed the trial court’s decision and sent the case back for a full trial on the issue. The explanation for the court’s decision and analysis of the energy companies actions are provided below. Continue reading

Louisiana Oil and Gas Association

by Nelson Cole

An article written by the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association (LOGA) clearly explains the process of horizontal fracking in sedimentary shale rock located over 10,000 feet below the Earth’s surface. The article addresses all concerns that local land owners and communities could have. This article should be referred to those who have concerns regarding horizontal fracturing. I found the information to be very helpful when providing it to my own family. My father’s family owns close to 250 acres of land in Desoto Parish, Louisiana and with my grandfather recently passing my father and family join many other landowners and residents in having concerns of being exploited by major gas companies who are rapidly increasing production in the northwest region of Louisiana. Continue reading