The Three Secrets to Energy Efficiency

by Jessie Capper

 Many people know the three “R”s of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle. Although this is taught fairly early in one’s education, the current climate of our planet demonstrates that it is not engrained in, nor maintaining an influential impact on, people’s everyday decisions. OPOWER is a company committed to establishing a cloud-based platform that creates a stimulating, educating, and engaging experience to put consumers on a path towards energy efficiency (OPOWER). Although companies like Honeywell, Cisco, Google, and Microsoft are developing products and technology to detect energy usage in homes, these high-cost and high-tech solutions have proven ineffective. OPOWER has successfully expanded the use of energy efficiency alternatives using three fundamental approaches: behavioral science, analytics, and technology (Laskey and Kavazovic 2011). Continue reading