Biofuel for Energy Security in Taiwan

by Chieh-Hsin Chen

Taiwan being an isolated island country, one of the most important concerns is energy security. To enhance Taiwan’s energy security, there is interest by the Taiwanese to produce energy on their own. In addition to the energy security issues, climate change is also one of the serious challenges that Taiwan is facing. There has been a significant increase in hurricanes and storms hitting Taiwan since 2007, potentially the result of CO2 induced climate change. As the 25th largest CO2 emissions country, Taiwan has expressed a willingness to reduce CO2 emissions and to mitigate global warming climate shift. Kung et al. (2013) analyze the use of biofuel with standard of CO2 emission, fertilizer use, and land use change. The Modified Taiwan Agricultural Sector Model (MTASM) is used for economic and environmental analysis in this study, and shows that Taiwan would increase its energy security from bioenergy production, but net greenhouse gases emission would also be increased; fertilizer use and land use changes also have significant impact on the greenhouse emission offset. Continue reading