Phytoremediation of Soils at Open Dump and Incineration Sites in Kerala, India

by Hilary Haskell

In the developing world, municipal solid waste management has become increasingly problematic. Remediation of open dumps and waste incineration sites present an additional issue, especially in removing contaminants from the soil that pose a threat to ecosystems and surrounding water resources. Ash et al. (2013) worked with a university in South India to remediate an open dump and incineration site, focusing on remediation techniques involving vermicomposting and phytoremediation to remove heavy metal compounds from the soil. The ultimate goal of the project is to demonstrate the feasibility of remediating similar dump sites so that native ecosystems can be restored and continue to function in the future.

India is now the world’s sixth largest generator of municipal solid waste, producing 110,000 tons each day according to a 2012 World Watch report. This report indicated that only 25% of the world’s waste is recycled or composted, while the remainder is Continue reading