Like avian vultures, the Energy Vulture sniffs around for his prey…recent important research about energy…and leads his friends to it. We’re now posting every other day on both EnergyVulture.com and ClimateVulture.com, so if there’s nothing new on one, there will be on the other.

The posts are mostly journalistic summaries of highly technical scientific papers published within the past year—and sometimes the past day—that are usually either unobtainable unless you have access to a university library, or are surprisingly expensive to view online. We are blogging about important research that usually didn’t make it into the news cycle [i.e. it wasn’t published in Science or Nature] and we give you the full reference followed by a link to as much of the paper as is available without a subscription. By using the button on the sidebar to select categories, you can often get some real insight into a pressing energy topic.

Student Pictiure ProcessedIMG_3127

The Spring 2014 cohort: Tim Storer, Emil Morhardt, Alex Nuffer,Cameron Lukos, Monkgogi Bonolo Otlhogile, Hilary Bruegl, Shelby Long, Dawn Barlow, Jennifer Fields, Hilary Haskell, Kelsey Waite, Sarah King, Cortland Henderson

The Chief Energy Vulture is Dr. Emil Morhardt, Roberts Professor of Environmental Biology at the W. M. Keck Science Department of the Claremont Colleges in California, a hotbed of energy innovation. The fledgling energy vultures, who wrote many of these posts, wrote them when they were students at the Claremont Colleges.

You can contact Emil at emorhardt@kecksci.claremont.edu. He is also Chief Climate Vulture, where the About page has a lot more pictures of the students and the books we’ve written together.

[All posts prior to June 2014 were originally posted on ClaremontlClimateReport.com…without pictures…sorry.]


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