Underwater Cable brings Nuclear Power from France to UK

by Cybele Kappos

As an energy crisis looms in the horizon of UK energy, the nation prepares for alternative energy sources. The BBC’s Jane-Frances Kelly talks about the plan to build an interconnector, which is a large cable connecting Hampshire to the French coast. This project is completely privately funded and Aquind, the developer behind this, is currently working on a deal with the French. The purpose of this interconnector would be to supply energy in a time when coal-fired stations are slowly being phased out but the infrastructure for gas and nuclear energy is not yet equipped to take over. It is predicted that nuclear stations will take 10 years to be able to run. The interconnector is allegedly said to be ready to run in 2021 and the technology has already been tested out by Aquind. The cable is to play a significant role in the supply of energy across the nation. Moreover, it is said that it will ease the pressure on the UK grid and reduce the possibility of blackouts. The interconnector will be completely underground and undersea. It will not be visible to the public but it will provide up to 2GW of energy to almost four million homes.

The UK already has four interconnectors running from France, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. However, there is still the need to meet the energy demands because the current energy system is strained, which is reflected by higher energy prices. Since France relies on nuclear energy, Lord Callanan- a non-executive director of Aquind- said that he hopes to see lower energy prices in the future of UK energy.

This is a smart, efficient, fast and economic response to the concern about meeting energy demands. It simultaneously seeks to revise the UK grid without compromising the energy supply by receiving the necessary energy from France. By continuing to move away from coal-fired stations, Aquind also hopes to reduce the carbon footprint per capita. This is a brilliant example of how private investors are contributing to the formation of the future of Britain’s energy.


Kelly, Jane-Frances. UK to double French energy supplies with new cable. 13 June, 2016








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