How Far Have We Come?

by Ali Siddiqui

An article by Chris Mooney for The Washington Post attempts to determine whether the United States of America really is changing the way it uses energy. The conclusion of the article was that America has changed. Mooney gains most of his evidence for America’s change from the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook prepared by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and published by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Chris Mooney doesn’t take America too far back in the past to analyze whether a change has occurred. He compares a 2014 America to a 2007 America. By citing the Factbook, Mooney shows how, although America fell short to China in having the largest investment into clean energy, it was still able to manage nearly $400 billion in clean energy investment. He, also, shows how even after the economic bounce-back from the recession in 2008-2009, which some might have forecasted to mean greater American energy expenditure, America actually maintained a flat electrical demand alongside a decline in overall carbon emissions (9%).

Even more incredible is America’s skyrocketing growth in two new energy sectors; since 2008 wind and solar energy have seen a growth of more than three times in capacity. In 2007, Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy reported renewable energy to have provided 7% of America’s total energy. With wind and solar energy becoming a lower cost option, many homeowners may witness a change in how their neighborhoods are receiving energy. Needless to say, America is moving forward on its green initiative. One simply needs to look at the past, a 2007 America, to see how far we’ve come.

Mooney, Chris. Report: Wind and Solar Energy have tripled since 2008. Washington Post. February 4th 2015.



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