Earthtronics new LED Bulbs

by Dylan Goodman

Earthtronics, a Michigan based lighting company dedicated to providing innovative, efficient lighting options, has been producing lightbulbs for commercial use since 2007. Since their creation, Earthtronics has produced compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs ranging from 5 to 65 watts. CFL bulbs were originally designed as a more efficient substitute to incandescent bulbs; although still widely used, there’s been a more recent move from compact fluorescent towards increasingly efficient light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. Earthtronics just recently introduced their efficient new 12-watt LED bulbs. Designed for commercial use, the new 12-watt LED bulbs are produced specifically to be able to replace the previous standard, 18-watt CFL bulbs. The new LED bulbs are designed to be 33% more efficient than standard CFL bulbs and fit into standard sockets without modification. The new 12-watt LED bulbs are available in three different colors – 3000k, 4000k, and 5000k – and put out 1,100 lumens of light. The LED bulbs can be used in any socket a standard CFL bulb can be used in making the switch an extremely easy process; simply unscrew the old bulb and swap it out for a new one. Unlike standard CFL bulbs, LED bulbs are capable of producing full output with no delay making them suitable for applications that demand immediate light. Earthtronics 12-watt LED bulb is designed to last for up to 25,000 hours, or just over 11 years if used for 6 hours daily, 2-3 times longer than the standard 18-watt CFL bulb. The new Earthtronics LED bulb is available in both 12-watt (1,100 lumen) and 10-watt (800 lumen) versions. Both the 12-watt and 10-watt version are available in both G24q and GX23 lamp bases and can be purchased online at as well as select other retailers.


“New Energy Efficient 12 Watt LED Plug In Lamp from EarthTronics Saves Energy and Performs Longer Than CFLs.” Business Wire. N.p., 17 Feb. 2015.



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