Smart Source with Skystream

by Alexander Flores

Xzeres, a small corporation based in Wilsonville, Oregon has developed a cost-efficient, compact, and all-inclusive personal wind generator designed to function in very low winds (10−12+ mph). This personalized wind turbine known as the Skystream has a height of 52 feet, a weight of 170 pounds, a rotor diameter of twelve feet, a swept area of 116 feet, three reinforced composite fiberglass blades, a slot-less, brushless permanent magnet alternator, a battery charge controller kit, a braking system with electric stall regulation, and comes with Skyview monitoring software.This particular software allows one to simply track the Skystream’s performance directly from a personal computer. Installation takes approximately two days including installing the foundation, erecting the turbine, and connecting it to the meter. Essentially, when the wind blows, the turbine generates clean, affordable energy (400 kilowatt hours per month) to power a home or business. If more energy were to be used than the turbine is producing, utility power takes over. If less energy were used, the excess electricity could be sold back to the electric company. Skystream turbines can also be installed to facilitate a variety of grids, plants, gas stations, schools, and can even be placed on light posts in public spaces. One could even supplement energy production with the utilization of the Skystream in conjunction with solar panels or other electric generation technologies. It shouldn’t be long before we begin to see more products like the Skystream in public spaces, making energy-savings a breeze.

Xzeres Wind 1 (

Xzeres Wind 2 (

Xzeres Wind 3 (

Xzeres Wind 4 (

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