Clean Current Utilizes Marine Tidal Turbines to Produce Renewable Energy

by Mariah Valerie Barber

Clean Current Power Systems Incorporated is a private company based in British Columbia that focuses on hydrokinetic power generation. Specializing in marine energy engineering, Clean Current was the first company to use a tidal turbine or marine turbine energy. Clean Current’s tidal turbine utilizes the same basic framework used by the standard river in-stream turbine, only the company has incorporated bi-directional technology that allows the turbine to change directions automatically depending on the movement and direction of the tides. Clean Current’s tidal turbines are predicted to last up to 25 years and are able to be placed in marine areas from 7 to 25 meters in depth.

The company’s first tidal turbine was used at the Race Rocks Environmental Reserve off of Vancouver Island, Canada. Race Rocks, a nature reserve needed a self-sustainable green energy source so the tidal turbine was installed so that research could be done from the reserve. The first tidal turbine was installed in May 2006 and then removed five years later so that it could be placed in Canadian Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in March 2011. The first installation was considered a success. Currently Fundy Tidal Incorporated, another hydrokinetic energy company and Clean Current Power Systems are working together to install and test another tidal turbine in the Grand Passage, Nova Scotia. The new tidal turbine will be part of an entire Tidal Power System, which also allows for the storage of energy. The new installment of another tidal turbine is expected to last a total of 12 months and begin during the spring of 2015. Although the official date has not yet been released, the project, if everything goes according to schedule, should start in April 2015.

Clean Current, Inc. (

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