Coolerado’s Air Conditioners Save Energy With HMX Technology

by Mariah Valerie Barber

During the 2015 AHR Expo that took place January 26-28, 2015, Coolerado received the “AHR Expo Innovation Award,” for their new innovative air-cooling technology. Coolerado, an energy company based in Denver, Colorado, has created air conditioners that use a tenth of the energy used by the most commonly used air conditioners or 90% less energy used by the regular air conditioners. Coolerado utilizes its patented heat and mass exchanger (HMX) and fresh air to create cool air, rather than the chemical refrigerants, compressors, and recycled air used by traditional air conditioners. By using fresh air and HMX technology Coolerado both reduces the amount of energy being used and provides the user of its products with cleaner, healthier air ( A heat and mass exchanger consists of plastic plates that trap water and keep it to one side and then move heat on another side of the plate. The plastic plates are then stacked on top of each other and positioned to create specific channels through which air is directed. Within the air conditioner two airflows exist: there is a channel for the working air and then a channel for the end product of the cool air to be used. The process of cooling the air, as explained by Coolerado, can be broken down into a five-step process. First the fresh air enters into the system, then dust and allergens are removed from the incoming air, the working air takes out the heat from the fresh incoming air, the byproduct of heat and moisture is then exhausted from the system, and finally, cool air is then pushed into the building. Slowly Coolerado’s air conditioning technology is being commercially used more often. For example, Kellogg’s cereal company is currently utilizing Coolerado’s technology in its Mexicali, Mexico food processing food plant and has since saved an average of $62,000 annual of the costs to cool its factory. Additionally this processing plant has reduced its CO2 emissions to 27.37 tons per year from 231.41 tons. In addition to the Kellogg’s factory, other companies have opted to use Coolerado’s air conditioning technology such as (Contracting Business). The next step will be for Coolerado’s air coolers to become commonly used to cool individual homes.

Coolerado, Inc. (

Contracting Business. Coolerado Helps Kellogg’s Save 88% in Cooling Costs (


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